One Day at a Time: Week One

Well…I am on the 1st week of my Visalus 90 day challenge. I am excited for a few reasons. First, I am down 4 pounds in my first week. Second, I like the fact that I already know what I will be eating two meals out of the day. Third, I can mix my meals up the way that I want and it makes it feel like a cheaters diet.

Here is a little about me. I have been an emotional eater since the age of 8. I eat when I am happy, sad, kind of sad, kind of happy, resulting in me…what can I say, eating my feelings. The hardest part about being an emotional eater is that you live to eat, rather that eat to live. That balance weighs heavy sometimes and boundaries get crossed and then you find yourself struggling for years with a weight problem.

How do I combat this? Or is it how do I balance this? One day at a time , I tell myself. I have been friends with Jenny, watched my weight fluctuate and even gone to the extreme of lap band surgery. Do I regret it? No. However, what I will say is this, I have to work harder with a lap band than I did before with just diet and exercise. What do I mean by this? Well, when you decide to put a piece of plastic inside of your body that squeezes your insides it has a huge effect on you. You have to find nutrients somewhere, because your body cannot eat them at times. I became malnourished. I was vitamin, mineral and protein deficient. My hair fell out, my skin changed and I felt like complete crap. I lost my energy, my drive and myself in the process.

While weigh-loss surgery may seem like a solution to an endless problem, there is one thing you have to remember. You have to take better care of yourself, get your protein intake, take vitamins and stay hydrated. And here is the key statement to remember, just because you have your body cut open and insert a device that forces control, it does not mean it fixes your problem. I learned the problem was in my mind, it was the pattern I fell into and the continual choices I make everyday. Unless I have brain surgery, I have to continue to work on this. This is my reality. Everyday I know can do this, not sure if this was a blog or a vent session, but I want you all to now that your not alone and I know you can reach your goals!such a cute, unique idea!

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